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Together, we are building a new type of web3 wine experience for enthusiasts. Our goal with this project is to bridge the gap between web2 wine and web3 experiences. We chose web3 because we’re excited to be one of the first wine brands to use such an exciting new technology, and to build alongside a community of web3 wine enthusiasts.
Our Grape Vines are an important part of our 'Grow to Drink' process. These collectible items allow you to walk through our digital winemaking process and grow grapes in our Otherside Metaverse Vineyard.
When we decided to launch a new type of web3 wine brand, we built a completely unique approach that allows our members to get in on the action! Grow to Drink allows you to grow your own grapes and combine them with empty wine bottles to produce your own digital wine assets. Each of these collectible assets will be redeemable for a physical bottle of Bored Grapes wine.
Bored Grapes wine is produces by one of our founders Nicholas Keeler, at his vineyard and winery in Oregon. Nick is an award-winning winemaker that produces exceptional quality wine.
You can mint your Grape Vines or purchase on the secondary market. Bored Grapes Vines are available on all major NFT Markets.
Empty Bottles are sold out! You can purchase them on the secondary market. Here:

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